Merely Survive, or Truly Thrive?

Compassion Fatigue Education – Solutions for Wellness
Offering Services and Support to Camrose, Alberta and the surrounding area.

Inside Wise. Pause. Breathe. Listen.

Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Bill Harder. In addition to providing grief support education I facilitate workshops encompassing the themes of compassion fatigue signs, symptoms, and causes, as well as solutions for wellness. Based in central Alberta, and serving Western Canada and beyond, I created Pause.Breathe.Listen workshops to equip caregivers with tools to truly thrive. Your wellbeing is crucial for the wellness of our communities. Consequently, I invite you to explore how to fill your tank with Pause.Breathe.Listen.

I offer compassion fatigue education in two-hour to full-day formats, sculpting presentations to your particular needs. Burnout, vicarious trauma, and compassion fatigue affect the most caring among us, and are occupational hazards of being in a caregiver role. The wellness strategies that I teach utilize the simple tools that you have at your disposal to maintain your wellness.



Compassion Fatigue

Over time, our ability to exercise compassion can become compromised if our compassion muscle is overused.
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About Inside Wise

After 10 years of parish-based pastoral care, and several bouts of compassion fatigue, Bill founded InsideWise, and the Pause, Breathe, Listen Workshops to provide opportunities for others to awaken to their potential to thrive as caregivers.
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Pause, Breathe, Listen Compassion Fatigue Wellness Workshops are aimed at those who desire to acquire tools to thrive in their professional and personal caregiver roles.
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Kaleidoscope Blog

Support, thoughts, and musings from Bill Harder.
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Bill wants to inspire and encourage your team.
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